A Note from Founder's Desk..

A Note from Founder's Desk..


After a career in interior design of 6 years, I set up beyond neon in the year 2020! This was started with the onset of lockdown, but now after running it successfully for the past 3 years, I found my calling!


The intention behind beyond neon signs was not only to bring light & colour to the space but also make custom artworks that were unique to an individual! Converting creative thoughts into a reality is something that I cherish even today!


The best part of my work is that customers who buy from us not only purchase but also thank us for making their day / event memorable! And so, we keep our standard of quality high because we understand that it’s not just a neon sign, it’s an emotion that people express in the form of an artwork (a sign)!


Whether it’s a proposal, a wedding, a party or a baby shower, we know the importance beyond neon signs people use to make that announcement!


At beyond neon, We have made more than 3000 + happy customers during this span of 3 years! It’s been a fabulous journey so far!


We aim to provide Love & light to each & every home in India & make beyond neon a household name!



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